Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pregnant Princess :)

Hi, guys! Sorry for my long silence... After my surgery in Feb last year, everything seems okay although my post-surgery MRI revealed a 3mm residual tumor. Few months after, I noticed that my physical appearance was improving and my fatigue has let up. My neurosurgeon and endocrinologist's recommendation, in case my blood work still persists on coming back with elevated GH and IGF levels, was for me to undergo radiation therapy. However, I was told that other functions of the pituitary gland might be affected if I undergo radiation. Worst effect could be that I might have very low LH production which could drastically reduce my chances of having another baby. Since my husband and I wanted to at least have one more child (we have one already), we decided to give it a try...

Luckily, I conceived last September. I was quite apprehensive since GH levels go rampant during pregnancy--add to that the possible GH secretion of the residual tumor, and I'd be in for another health scare... But, so far, I've sailed through this pregnancy very well. I'm now 38 weeks pregnant. I was not advised to have periodic blood work since my OB said that it'll just be academic to do nothing can be done while I'm pregnant. A repeat MRI has to be put off until after I deliver. I was just tested for glucose levels during my 24th week. The 2nd hour OGTT value came out slightly elevated. But that was it! Surprisingly, I haven't had any swelling... In fact, I look far better than I did just before the surgery. My rings still still fit. I did not have edema (swelling of feet, face and hands), although as is normal during pregnancy, my nose looks a bit swollen.

My baby's now full-term. I could deliver any time now. We are all excited of Gabee's arrival in our family. My endo is co-managing my condition along with my OB-Gyne. I'm praying that all will be well, and wishing that that tiny tumor would just fade away... Life's good. God is good! :)