Monday, June 6, 2011

Sandostatin LAR injection in Japan

Hello, big wave from Japan! ^^/~~

I've been on Sandostatin LAR for about four years now.

In my hospital, patients who are on this medication use the "Sandostatin LAR Administration Calendar,"provided by Novartis.  I've never seen one of these when I was getting the treatment in the US in 2007, and I like this material quite a lot because it's easy to keep track on the injection site each time.

Anyway, I was quite amazed when I got this injection in Japan for the first time in 2008.
Here is what happened.

The nurse asked me, "Last time you got the shot, where was your injection site?"
I answered, "Right."
Then, she said, "Where in right, upper or lower?"
"?????? (What the...? Isn't right is just 'right,' Miss?)"
I gazed at her, feeling quite confused.
"There are four sites, you know. Which one was it?"
She continued.
"Four? I thought there are only two; right and left."

Then, she brought this "Administration Calendar."

She is right... There are four sites.

I thought two was enough, but here, we are alternating four injection sites.
Is it just Japanese thing?