Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Growth Hormone article in For Men Fitness RX

There's a really good article on GH in the November 2007 edition of For Men Fitness RX. The article's goal is to INCREASE GH but... in the process of telling how to do that it also tells what DECREASES GH and that's the good stuff for us. Seems that a heavy "no rest" workout will increase GH by a huge 11X factor whereas a workout that rests a lot and lifts heavy weights slowly (to build strength rather than bulky muscle) only results in a 3X spike in GH. It also has some great things on sleep and various foods. Knowing the information in this article is helping me because now I know WHY my GH levels have been so strange lately (I work lots of freight at The Home Depot and I just got moved to the paint department - HEAVY stuff). I was aware of a lot of diet knowledge but not so much about muscles, exercise, and GH spikes. So now I know. Highly recommended article if you can see the opposite side of what the author is saying.


polarchip said...

OOOOooo! Totally going to go to the newsstand! Sounds really good, thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...

I talked to a neurologist specializing in pituitary surgeries (to remove adenomas), and asked him about whether I could affect my GH/IGF-1 levels through diet and/or exercise. His answer was "no - any GH production in acromegaly would be outside the normal feedback-loop, and thus would be unaffected". I didn't buy this logic one bit. One way or the other, there must be some interaction that between exercise, diet, and hormones just like any "normal" person!

polarchip said...

My doctor said the same thing- I'm not convinced because for them, they will say something is not true unless there is a study conducted about it. But the truth is, they just don't know for sure.