Friday, February 8, 2008


Ran into a situation where my job tanked. That means my insurance will run out in 60 days and this creates an unbearable situation because my new job has a one year wait time for "pre-existing" conditions. Both me and my doctor agree that one year without any treatment or medicine at all could very well be a death trap so we have been working this week to schedule emergency brain surgery with Dr. Kenneth Ott, the neurosurgeon. Was thinking surgery was today but it was only a pre-op meeting and they did bloodwork. They were still awaiting an authorization from my primary care physician so I went over there and had the nurse fax it over. Since being diagnosed I have NOT had surgery using only diet and dopamine agonists as treatment. I would have loved to have continued this approach but job and insurance company details have ruled out that luxury. Still... in two years we managed to STOP the growth of the tumor! Had the experiment gone on longer I believe I would have gotten better and better and better as I was just beginning to really respond to treatment. So next week sometime I go under the knife and up the nose. Ott is old school. He uses the microscope method and I remember him saying something about a shot of sando. SWEET! Wish me luck!


Alecia E. said...


I am so sorry to hear the news. I wish you a good outcome in this!! Please keep up all updated on your progress.

Will be thinking of you!

almu said...

I wish you all the luck and the strength to be able to pass through this experience! You will feel fine soon!
All the best

polarchip said...

!! Surgery will be great, it's going to make everything better. I KNOW how intimidating the idea of surgery is, but it's amazing what they can do these days!

Sorry to hear about your job situation, isn't our healthcare system totally messed up? Makes me want to be a mail-order bride to someone in the EU. Are you able to do COBRA? That should cover you for 18 months (although it's really expensive...)

I'm sending you lots of good thoughts.

Starbucks Addict said...

I'm sorry about your job as well Ken. However, I'm very excited that you're having surgery. I really feel that surgery is the best way to go with this condition. Good luck with it and keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

I do wish you good luck Ken!

I've had the 'up the nose' operation two years ago and all went just fine. My tumor was 2.5 cm in diameter.

Now I really do not understand the health care system in the USA. It's truly barbaric, compared to ours here in the Netherlands... :O

Over here you would never be without health insurance. And any medication or treatment needed for our ilness is provided and covered. No paperwork, no permission. Just a 116 euro insurance fee per month and all is taken care of, no matter where you work or how many job changes you have.

I really hope it will change for the better in your country. But in the meantime, hang in there!

Chantal, The Netherlands