Saturday, June 6, 2009

Seeking post-surgery options

Hello! Just wanted to give a quick update. My IGF-1 has been rising steadily overt the last 2 years post-surgery. Last month, it's risen to my record high of 516. Ironically, it was normal (214 ng/ml) a day before the surgery.

I am scheduled to consult with Dr. Peter Eng, an endocrinologist, who practices in Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre in Singapore. I have very limited options here in Manila in terms of medication, hence, the reason why I'm seeking treatment abroad.

Comments/suggestions are most welcome! I'm flying to Singapore tomorrow to have my bloodwork repeated, and undergo my follow-up MRI there.

I just have one objective--to arrest my IGF-1, and hopefully get that elusive cure, if not, then at least the right management for my case.


polarchip said...

Let us know what Dr. Eng tells you! I hope things go well.

Best of luck and safe travels!


Cess Lubag said...

Thanks much, Ellen. Got back to Manila yesterday. My results in SG are more consistent. GH was not suppressed; had impaired glucose tolerance; and IGF-1 was on the high end at 300. Dr. Eng concluded that I was not still cured although my MRI scans did not show any distinct residual tumor. He thinks that my next best option is a repeat surgery, and that my chances for cure are still fairly high as mine's obviously is just a microadenoma. He referred me to the first neurosurgeon in SG to do a transphenoidal surgery, Dr. Ho, for a second opinion. Dr. Ho was agreeable that I stand a good chance of being cured if the right side of my pituitary gland is excised, as this was the area from where the tumor was located in my first scan. Well, my case, they say is not of great urgency for follow-up treatment. But, since it is definite that my pit is still actively secreting GH, I will opt for the 2nd surgery.

Thanks again and best regards.


Alecia E. said...

I wish you the best as you move forward in planning your second surgery, and will be praying for a good outcome!

Starbucks Addict said...

Good luck with surgery.

John said...

Best of luck Princess. I had my surgery in mid March and my numbers 3 months later are not as good as they could be. My IGF-1 was around 1000 before surgery (or 131 nmol/l) and is now 343 (45 nmol/l) rather than the 244 maximum they want to see. Doctor seems to think there is residual tumour on the MRI.

Best wishes for the second surgery.