Friday, July 3, 2009

purging other wise known as Patient dumping by health insurers

Whistleblower Wendel Potter testifies before the Senate on how Cigna Insurance would "purge". He explaines some of the techniques employed in this practice. You can read about this story here. Thank God Wendel came forward I pray more people find the strength to come forward. It is this practice by many if not all or 97% of health insurance providers that has significantly contributed to our nations health care and economic calamities. In America we cannot fix the health care crises if we do not fix this practice of patient dumping. If you are diagnosed with a catastropic illness and privately insured you are immediately thrust into battle to save your life or save your quality of life. You are also at war with a building full of lawyers and experts poised to fight you. You find yourself at war with an agency who sold you a gill of good prominising to be there for you if you ever have a health crises. Beware!!! If you are diagnosed with a catastrophic illness like Acromegaly, most insurers will stop at nothing to find reason to dump you. Now that patient will be on government insurance i.e. Medicade/Medicare. DUH!!! Do you have any idea how damaging this practice is in a patients best and most efficient recovery? The added costs of treatments, which eventually does have to be paid is and has been born by the taxpayer.
Time and Time again I hear from other patients telling me they were privately insured.

If found guilty of this practice those executives need to be prosecuted and punished. Madoff needs a few friends at his new address.

It's just my opinon ......

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