Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The World's Tallest Man: Still Growing on TLC

Another show on the life of someone living with giantism is coming up Sunday, Ausgust 8 at 10/9c. I received this via e-mail from one of TLC's publicists:

"At over 8 feet tall, Sultan Kosen is the world's tallest man ... and he is still growing! In this all-new TLC special, we follow his extraordinary journey around the world not only in search of a cure to his gigantism but also to overcome his lonely existence.

As young boy in a Turkish village, Sultan dreamed of a simple life - to grow up, have a job and find a wife. At the age of 8, Sultan began to grow uncontrollably and by his teenage years, the extreme growth had forced him into isolation. Continuing to grow, he soon became the 'World's Tallest Man' which brought Sultan fame and opportunities to travel around the world. While confronting his dangerous condition with medical attention, Sultan begins to seek out relationships. More than anything, Sultan longs for a wife and looks for love online, resulting in his first date ever. He also travels to the US to meet America's tallest man, former Harlem Globetrotters George Bell, and is encouraged with the new friendship. Although still growing, Sultan now lives with newfound confidence and bravery despite the continued threat to his life and his dreams."

Here's the preview:

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polarchip said...

Wow! Alecia, thanks so much for posting this!

At first when I heard about his "search for love," I thought that sounded like a really gimmicky/sensational approach to get people to watch, like one of those dating reality shows. I thought about it a little more, and now his challenge actually resonates me because we're all trying to find happiness, one way or another, despite our medical condition. I applaud him for searching for love, and taking steps to live life to the fullest. He reminds me that I work hard to improve my health so that I can have a good life, not just to extend my life.

Also, I was excited to see how happy he was meeting with America's tallest man. It drives home the importance of support and meetups. It reminds me of when I have met others with acromegaly in person- it's knowing that the person you are with understands what it's like.

Does anyone have a way to record this? I don't have a TV and won't be able to watch this!