Thursday, September 9, 2010

Great new survey opportunity

Acro Friends:

This is fantastic! Another survey to get involved in, but I actually helped in building and crafting this one. The information they are looking to learn is very exciting! These are professional people truly interested in learning about the disease from us. Lets make sure we get a lot of interviews set up.

Market Modelers is looking for individuals who have been diagnosed with acromegaly and are currently undergoing some form of treatment to participate in a 45 minute telephone interview as part of a new research project. There is an honorarium to those willing to participate. If you are interested or you have questions, please send an email to and include your contact information (name and phone number). We will contact you to schedule an interview.


Julie S. said...

Hi Wayne,

Thank you for the opportunity. I did send my email as an interested participant in the survey.

Julie from Canada

Wayne N. Brown said...

Thanks Julie! We are at 20, but they want another 20+. Lets show these folks just how strong our group is!

Starbucks Addict said...

Don't know if I'm too late but I emailed.

polarchip said...

Just talked to them- they said they still need more people, so everyone should definitely email!

Julie S. said...

Had the telephone interview and it was quite interesting. It took about 20 minutes and the surveyors were very pleasant to talk to.

On my end, I hope that in the near future I will be able to administer my meds by pill.