Monday, September 12, 2011

Raw Food Diet

I've been trying to change my diet for my health the last few years since I've had Acromegaly and as a result, high blood pressure. I grew up on a high dairy diet (I loved milk, cheese, ice cream and eggs), then as an adult I transitioned to a higher protein, higher fat diet (thank you fast food) which also included high dairy. It seems a 100% raw food diet may be much more beneficial than I first thought. When I tried to go raw before I didn't stick with it, in part due to habit and societal reasons. What I didn't realize at the time, was that I was also probably in a detox phase that was uncomfortable. If I can find the motivation I'm going raw/organic. It's sobering to think my own diet may have caused my Acromegaly. I wish there was a way to cure or reverse the condition without medications. I've already transitioned to a very low salt diet (way under 1500mg/day) and have lowered my blood pressure to a normal level so that I don't need blood pressure medication anymore. My skin also looks better, it's no longer super dry to the point of flaking, and I have less acne.

Why Raw Food?


polarchip said...

Wow, so impressive! I've been trying to work on my diet too, to help with the swelling in my hands/feet, acne, and energy levels. I'm so impressed you were able to lower your blood pressure!

I also ate and drank A LOT of dairy growing up... I wonder if there is a connection, especially since that was before people had organic options and I'm sure the cows were pumped full of rbgh.

a day in the life of Oates.... said...

i to had change my diet, and finding motivation is the most difficult thing. But, if I may offer some advice, don't look at it as what i can't have, but look at it as what can I have. Once, I did that it seemed the world opened up to me and there were a wealth of options that is healthy and great tasting and full of a lot of benefits.
I was diagnosed with Acromegaly last year and know a lot of what your going through.And I had to make a lot of the same changes. You can do, and enjoy it too! Good luck

polarchip said...

Hi Brotha!

I had problems posting comments on your blog, so I figured I'd respond to you here and hope you see the message.

I've been reading your blog and it's great! So honest and open.

I think I'm sort of like you, I've been taking so much better care of my health now that I have been diagnosed. I realize how precious life is and I want to live it to the fullest! To me, that means feeling energetic, healthy, and focusing on the positive.

Anonymous said...

Interesting, my main source of protein is dairy. I have been a lacto ova vegetarian for many years. I was also wondering if there was a connection with dairy and Acromegaly.

polarchip said...

Hi Anon! I have definitely noticed that when I eat yogurt, I get REALLY sad afterward. Like a vague sense of despair and hopelessness. At this point, I avoid it completely. It's been a long time since I've eaten any, but a few weeks ago I thought maybe I could handle it now so I ate a cup of yogurt and sure enough, I was crying that evening, wondering why I was so sad until I remembered eating yoghurt earlier that day!

Anonymous said...

Interestingly enough, I too have been a vegetarian for 22 years and my main source of protein was dairy. I am definitely starting to wonder if that was the cause of my pituitary tumor. Started raw food diet about a week ago. Hoping it helps.