Thursday, November 17, 2011

New Bloggers!

Hello dearest readers! 

I just wanted to take a moment to draw your attention to two new bloggers that have been added to the sidebar to the right --------->
Brotha writes about Living with Acromegaly at  "I'm trying to find a way to turn this into something positive, so I decided to write about it and share my day, feelings, fears, joys, and whatever else I may think of with you. And in turn my this will be therapeutic for me and entertaining to you."  Brotha is so inspiring!

Emer was diagnosed with a pituitary adenoma secreting thyroid-stimulating hormone less than a year ago, and she writes about all kinds of pituitary tumors in her incredibly humorous blog Pituitary Ademoaner (  In her recent post profiling famous people with pituitary tumors, she writes,  "Acromegalicious folk are obviously awesome," and I think she's awesome too!
Check out both blogs when you have the chance, and make sure to introduce yourself or say hello to them in the comments!

If there's anyone else out there that wants to be added to the roster, just leave a comment on this blog with a link to yourself!


Ken D. Webber said...

"acromegalicious" Awesome word. Can I use that?

Lauren Nicole said...

ahhh. i like acromegaly humor. i am starting my blog finally too! polarchip - i'd love to read your blog as well!