Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring is Here

...for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, at least (I know we are sprinkled around the globe)!

As the weather is warming up, I am experiencing different symptoms compared to during the winter.  Are any of the rest of you noticing this as well?

Benefits that Spring brings:
  • Sunshine: energizing and helps counteract depression
  • Warm Weather: likely to go outside and get exercise, fresh air, etc)
  • Fresh Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables: make it easier to eat healthy and achieve/maintain a healthy weight
  • Longer Days: easier to wake up the mornings and more daylight hours to enjoy fun activities
  • Flip Flops: shoes for folks with wide feet (like me) that don't squeeze!
Concerns that Spring brings:
  • Heat = more sweating!  Solution: wear comfortable, breathable clothing.
  • Exposed skin = excess body hair is also exposed!  Solution: hair removal, or decide to just go with it!
  • Heat = swelling in hands and feet more.  Solution: cold compresses on hands and feet, and elevate legs in the evening.
  • Heat = skin oils increase.  Solution: (face) blot with tissues and wash frequently, (body/hair) shower more frequently
Let me know in the comments section how the changing seasons affect your acromegaly, and what solutions you have come up with to help deal!

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