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This isn’t about me. It is about an orphan disease which chose me to tell its story. When I was first diagnosed with Acromegaly in 2011, all I needed was information (hopefully in Indian context). I did find a lot of information on the web but none closer home. Now, thanks to this wonderful article by my former colleague and friend @sangeetha.devi published in the #TheHindu today, there will always be an Indian context. So, go ahead, share it with the world. One know never knows – there might be someone looking for that one glimmer home on a bad day with acromegaly or any other rare condition. A big thank you to my family and friends for supporting me in my journey. With you all around, I am not alone in my universe. #LifeWIthAcromegaly #MyStory #HyderabadRunners #fitness @pituitaryorg
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Bravo, Chetan Mallik!

There's an article going around in the Acromegaly Community Facebook Group that really inspires me and echoes so many of the sentiments I've come to realize over the past decade with Acromegaly.

The article is a profile of a man named Chetan Malik who was diagnosed about 5 years ago by a chance meeting with a doctor who recognized his symptoms. Since then, he chooses to remain positive, upbeat, and active in his life with acromegaly! Bravo, Chetan Mallik! I hope I may have the opportunity to meet him one day!

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Chetan Mallik said...

Thank you for recognizing my efforts by featuring me in Acromegaly Bloggers. There have been many nights which I have spent browsing through this site for help and resources and to be finally featured in the same blog is extremely humbling to say the least. I came out in the open since I really believe that this orphan condition which chose us needs our collective support in how the future generations battles it out. In India, I am now happy that, in me, there will always be story closer home. Would love to meet you too.