Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Update: Sando test canceled

Because the my health insurance company said they would not cover the test! What is up with that?!?? More hours on the phone talking to customer service agents, I'm sure...... I feel sorry for people that have to do that job... it must be hard defending coverage policies to sick people. Health care reform, take me away!


Anonymous said...

My health insurance would not cover it either however my prescription plan did, have you looked into that yet? I did have problems at 1st with the prescription company taking their sweet time getting it approved even though it was a covered drug, but once I threatened to call the Insurance commisioner I have not had any problems. I Pick up my prescription and take it to the Dr office to have them inject it once a month. This was after doing the daily one myself to make sure I did not have any reactions. I still have to suppliment sometimes with the daily so they cover both I have a 20.00 copay for each once a month but that is much better than the 6,133.71 I would have to pay each month (LAR 30mg is 3707.23 and the Daily one is 2426.48) Hope this information helps

polarchip said...

Wow thanks for the info!

Turns out it was a big mistake (supposedly, it seems they often err to the benefit of denying coverage), and once I talked to them and the Dr.s office again, they said it would all be covered.

So really, it just turned out to be another inconvenience and delay. Were the shots hard to administer yourself?

Anonymous said...

the daily you inject yourself I do it in my stomach with a 31 gauge neele and I don't feel it usually (every now and then I get a dull needle), but yes it is easy. The LAR I get done in the Dr office as it has to go in the butt with an 18 gauge needle (yes you can see down the center of the needle) the nurse there is very good and do not feel it when she does it however it is usually soar for a little while