Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pink Elephant in the Corner

OK, I really, really don't want to come across as a hater, or rain on anyone's parade, but I've been thinking about this lately because of the large amount of news coverage.

Doesn't Michael Phelps look like he has acromegaly? I mean, people talk about how he's tall and he has big flipper-like feet all the time. His jaw looks a little enlarged too, and his teeth look like mine- too narrow on the top.

I know I'm not the only one who thinks so, because I did a search and there are a couple of other people who made comments about it.

Let me make it clear, I'm really not trying to tarnish his reputation or anything. Acromegaly or not he's a hot piece, but IF he does indeed have acromegaly he could be a really great spokesperson for the disease! He could really raise awareness of our rare condition, which would hopefully help others get an earlier diagnosis (and therefore more effective treatment), and also spur more acromegaly research.

Maybe we can start an acromegaly swim team!


Anonymous said...

He could have this condition as a result of overconsuming Human Growth Hormone in his doping programme.

Starbucks Addict said...

I wondered why he looked almost familiar to me though I've never met him of course.

Anonymous said...

your right baout awareness fro acromegaly and i have just stumbled accross this webiste i wish i had found earlier it looks great to be part of. i have been diagnosed for 2 yeasr now. i have made an awareness video and have links to it, also a lot of people are sayingi should go to tv networks etc but i havent got the confidance to do that. anyway i just wanted to share it with you and others on here. hope you are well

Anonymous said...

i agree - he looks like he has acromegaly. i thought this before i saw your post. my cousin died from complications of the disease (the tumors kept coming back) about 17yrs ago.

i pray you are blessed. i'm dealing with cushing's type symptoms, no diagnosis 15yrs.

Anonymous said...

I m an MD and have also wondered if Phelps has acromegaly. He does have a longer than usual arm span, large hands and ft consistent with with excess growth hormone effects. Question is was this as a result of natural causes or a result of smart growth hormone use lets say at ages 10-13? It is clear that his abnormal physique does confer a great edge against his rivals. The large lower jaw on some of the female swimmers ESP the ones coached by the same coach as Phelps' does raise a similar concern.

Timtak said...

Lately I have been noticing that quite a lot of swimmers have large jaws.