Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sandy Allen, RIP

Sandy Allen, acromegaly (and gigantism) patient, died today. I've seen her on a few TV documentaries and I always admired her upbeat attitude. She lived her life with the utmost grace, and she is a personal inspiration for living a full and exciting life despite her diagnosis.

Some links:

slideshow from indystar

Wikipedia Entry

I know the extreme nature of her condition might alarm those who have been recently diagnosed, but remember that she is the World's Tallest Woman and therefore on the far end of the acromegaly spectrum. I want to recognize her because she was such an advocate for "being different" and we all have the opportunity to have the same influence in our own ways.


sandy said...

I'm also a "Sandy Allen;" over the years I've come across Sandy Allen in print and in online articles so often I feel I know her. I was fascinated when I discovered 'my name' in Guinness. I was always impressed with her attitude and her work with kids. Condolences from this Sandy Allen!

Starbucks Addict said...

Sad :-( She was too young.