Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Welcome, Julie!

Thanks to Alecia for pointing out a new acromegaly blogger- Julie in Canada!

Check out her blog with a great title: acromegalyandme.blogspot.com

(I've also added her to our growing list of fellow bloggers!)


Julie S. said...

Thanks Ellen,

To my fellow Acromegalic bloggers, keep on writing. You are my best medicine.

Thanks again for including me.

Cheers from Canada!

Carol Dikes said...

I've read both blogs and am so blessed to have found them. I'm 47 and have my first visit with the endocrinologist on 2/23/09. Have had the blood draw and my lab values are high - GH 127, IGF-1 1200+. the other two tests (that diagnose Cushings and Addison's) were normal. Thanks for your wisdom in using "the web"! I'm still grieving, but guess I'll get there. Have lots of arthritis - will likely need hip surgery, have scoliosis, etc. The adventure continues...

Julie S. said...

Dear Carol,

I can only imagine the rollercoaster of emotions you must be feeling prior to your appointment. I know that I was relieved when I was told I had Acromegaly because I really felt that nobody took my complaints seriously. However, that did not mean that I did not have many days of grieving and loss of control b/c I DID. I was an emotional mess but that is also part of the disease cause my hormones were out of wack!
I hope that you find a good medical team and get this disease under control.
Best of luck,

Starbucks Addict said...

Hey Julie. Thanks for joining us and sharing your story!