Wednesday, December 9, 2009

40 mg of Sandostatin every 4 weeks and Colonoscopy Prep

Well, my heath insurance debacle continues. Turns out the insurance company denied my doctor's prescription for 30 mg of Sandostatin every 3 weeks because the drug is not labeled for that dosing. The insurance company would prefer that I have 40 mg of Sandostatin every 4 weeks. Since the delay of getting my medication shipped has been going on so long (I was overdue for my shot) I went in to the hospital to have the shot administered at the chemo center. Sandostatin doesn't come in a 40 mg dose, so they gave me 2 shots, 20 mg each, one on each side. We'll see how it goes. Is anyone else on this dose?

In other news, I am on a liquid diet today because I have colonoscopy scheduled for tomorrow. In case you didn't know already, acromegaly comes with an increased risk of colon polyps, which are dangerous, so regular colonoscopies are advised. The old recommendation was to have one every 5 years if you have acromegaly, but they* recently changed the recommendation to every 3 years, which means I'm now due!

I actually don't mind the colonoscopy so much because last time the colon cleansing process made my skin really clear, and I felt much more energetic afterwards. Also, the prep procedure seems easier this time than last time. I've been sipping my broths and juices all day and so far I'm not panicked with hunger. So much of hunger is psychological! In addition, this time there is a laxative involved which I don't recall previously. I haven't started drinking THE DRINK yet, so who knows what my attitude will be like in a few hours.

As with last year's colonoscopy, my dear brother will be accompanying me and taking me home after the procedure. I feel so lucky that my family is available to help me out! My brother took me to the hospital today to get my sando, and I was hanging on him while hobbling out of there because it's hard to walk after having the shot on both sides!

*I'm not sure who "they" are but that's what my endocrinologist told me


Sara said...

I am only on 20mg currently, but I heard of the dose of up to 60mg (30mg x 2). One big 19 gauze shot a month is already painful enough, so I would go crazy if they tell me to get two. Actually, one time, either my nurse or the needle got screwed up at the middle of my shot, so they changed the needle, and I got another poke again. Ouch!

Good luck on colonoscopy! I got one when I was 24, two months after my pituitary surgery. They gave me laxatives and THE solution. For me, the worst part was the laxative. Once the liquid starts, I felt pretty normal. I don't know when I'm getting the next one. I'm 26 now, but if the recommendation is 3 years, I would be getting one next year. (I thought my doc told me 5 year, but I forgot) :P

Starbucks Addict said...

I've been on the 40mg every 4 weeks for over a year and I'm doing very well. My numbers have been pretty stable. My endo at UCSF said that 40mg was the max dose though? He said if things worsen that he'd want me to try taking Sandostatin and Somavert concurrently. Hopefully that won't happen. I think I've gotten kind of numb where they give me the shots now, most times it doesn't even hurt :-) Then again, my primary doctor always gives the shots, not a nurse.