Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tune in to TLC Sunday 8/7c

>> HELP! I'M TURNING INTO A GIANT - Sun at 8/7c <<
A heart-breaking look at individuals suffering with Acromegaly, a rare condition that causes the body to grow uncontrollably. These modern-day giants exhibit amazing bravery and determination to lead normal lives.

Tanya (31) -


polarchip said...

Wow! I can't wait to hear Tanya's full story!

Thanks for posting about this!

polarchip said...

I went looking for more info about Tanya, and there will be a story about her tonight on ABC "Nightline" at 11:35 p.m. ET as well!

I wish I knew how to contact Tanya, so I could thank her for all the effort she has gone through to spread the message about acromegaly.

Somehow, somewhere, Tanya if you are reading this, THANK YOU! (And email me!)

Starbucks Addict said...

I'm grateful Tanya has put herself out there too. It was great that they had an adult with Acromegaly, as well as Tanya's story. But I didn't feel they went as in depth as they could've. They really didn't go into the numerous symptoms that we deal with on a daily basis, or even all of the physical changes that we experience. They only covered a few. They focused more on the limitations faced by those with Gigantism of course, and not on the limitations of those with Acromegaly. For Pete's sake the lady they had on was just going through surgery when they did that taping. I wonder if they'll follow up? They kind of acted like surgery was going to cure her completely. A simple Google search by TLC could've proven that wrong if they found this blog! They also didn't name exact medications that were used which was frustrating. And I think on one part they confused GH and IGF-1 when they were talking about Tanya's numbers. Maybe it would've been too confusing for an hour special to go that in depth. But all in all, more exposure is good.

RumAndChupacabras said...

PC: Isn't it amazing how when we put something out there for the Universe to handle we find that it often comes to pass? Only 2 months after you posted it appears likely that you'll be speaking with Tanya on the phone!

SB: I only got to see the last 20 minutes of the show, but I can understand your point. I believe this is why websites and blogs are so important, as is spreading the you all well know!

What wonderful people you all are.