Thursday, April 1, 2010

What Helps? (Part 3)

Hello Everyone!  I hope all of you are doing well!

I wanted to share a little tip I've found to be useful for managing my acromegaly.  Many of you are probably doing something similar on your own, but in case you aren't already you should consider keeping an accurate calendar of:
  • How you're feeling every day (symptoms, appetite, energy level, etc)
  • Other things going on in your life (stress, exercise, diet) that may have an effect on your acromegaly
  • When you are due to receive your medication/treatment and what dose (I keep track of the date and which side my Sando shot should be on), and if it varies, when you actually get your medication
  • When your prescriptions should be refilled and picked up
  • All appointments: Doctors, MRI, colonoscopy, tests 
  • When you had blood draws, and then update the calendar entry with the lab results
Beause there's simply to much to try and keep in your head!  I have a special calendar specifically labeled HEALTH where I track all of this stuff.  I keep my calendar online through a free service (most email accounts offer this), which even allows me to get notifications and reminders if I want.

Are there any other bits of health info you think should be kept on this calendar?  Do you have your own tip to share?  Please let me know in the comments!


Starbucks Addict said...

Good tips although I don't have the energy or motivation to keep that detailed of records! I do keep a file on my computer for meds I've taken and side effects, I keep my blog to help me track all my medical stuff which I also try to periodically save to a file, and my daily paper planner (so high tech! :-) is my brain now. My memory just can't keep up by itself anymore.

Anonymous said...

Great idea.

Any information that we can record may help us or others in the future. At the very least it can help deal with the condition too.

I find it quite therapeutic to write on my blog about where I'm up to with the condition.