Saturday, July 17, 2010

I saw this printed on a shirt...

And I interpreted it as a bird eating a pituitary tumor!  I asked the woman wearing it where she got it (partially because I felt awkward for staring at her chest for so long and I wanted to break the tension) and it's from an online shirt company called  The artist says, 
"I taught a human anatomy lab this semester as a lowly undergraduate TA. The lab coordinators are great educators, and I wanted to thank them for their time with a unique gift.
This design was based on one of their teaching analogies about how the midbrain, pons, medulla oblongota, infundibulum, and pituitary gland resemble a hummingbird feeding from a flower."

It's not available for sale anymore, but you can read more about the artist's basis for the design.  If you're looking for real acromegaly t-shirts, check out Acromegaly Community's online store!

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RumAndChupacabras said...

That's very beautiful, and I have to say that you made me laugh with the chest staring comment! ;)