Saturday, July 17, 2010

Neck Pain?

Here's another news item that I found through the feed reader:

The article describes a woman who was diagnosed with acromegaly and was experiencing neck, back, and facial pain.  I myself have a lot of neck (and shoulder/head) pain, and it often does indeed feel like my head is too heavy for my neck to support.  Is acromegaly actually making my head heavier?  I often feel like my skull is getting thicker all around.  If people are experiencing growth in their jaw and frontal bossing, this seems possible.

I have gone to physical therapy to learn neck strengthening exercises, and I have found that massage has been very helpful.  I'm willing to try chewing gum and using a soft cervical collar (suggested in the comments) to see if it helps.

Some other similarities that I identified with were a long period stress and misdiagnosis of a "severe illness that had left her doubting her own sanity."


RumAndChupacabras said...

Ellen, I'm glad you posted that article, as I think it was done quite well. I'm wondering if a neck traction device would help alleviate some of the pain? I have one which I use for my badly deteriorated C5-7 discs. This is a link to where I bought mine:

polarchip said...

YES!!! Usually I lay with my head on the edge of the bed, with something supporting my next to create traction. Neck traction totally helps and I have longed for one of those devices that you mention, but I never realized how affordable they are till just now! I totally want to order a traction device now!

Thanks for the tip!

RumAndChupacabras said...

Here's another tip...use/get a really comfortable chair for this device, BUT set an alarm! I guarantee that sooner or later you'll fall innocently and comfortably asleep in the neck traction device, thereby scaring the poop out of those in your home!

Starbucks Addict said...

If you're able to exercise daily, even 15 minutes, it might help with improving your posture and supporting your head. My posture is still not the best, but daily exercise is helping. And I haven't noticed the neck/shoulder pain, headaches, or other muscle pains lately that I attribute to Sandostatin side effects.