Monday, March 14, 2011

A simple questionnaire to detect acromegaly

A simple questionnaire given to 17,000 patients has revealed a practical and cost effective way to discover undiagnosed acromegaly patients.  The study also suggested a much higher prevalence of acromegaly than previously considered.  The simplest question asked: Has your shoe size increased over the past five years?   (I’ve been suggesting this routine question for many years).

via Jon - thanks!


polarchip said...

I've always thought, "if only there were a super low-cost method to test for acromegaly, people could get diagnosed earlier and have a better likelihood of cure." The whole time I was thinking of some kind of technology to make the blood test cheaper, but it sounds like a questionnaire (potentially FREE) might work just as well!

Christine Hatfull said...

I have long suspected a reluctance to actually diagnose a "problem" illness (see story of Dr. Mark). Perhaps the AIP gene expression is being affected environmentally like so many things today and that is why it is actually less rare.

The simple, human questions have become unused in the Medical Industry. I had to fire all of my doctors and begin again. Three years later I am recovering some sort of life for myself and have a few, fine medical professionals on my team. Even when I feel terrible I also have to believe that I am lucky.